Mother holding baby

Amazing First Moments

By Lindsay Ekstrom, RN St. Luke’s Birthing Center

Happy Mother’s Day! As a birthing center nurse and a mom myself, I am continually amazed by moms. They are the definition of strength and enduring love. Watching them meet their baby for the first time still chokes me up, even after five years of witnessing births. I think it’s the pure joy in that moment, when you watch these women transform into their new role. You can just feel the warmth and love radiating throughout the room. It’s simply a wonderful moment in time.

The wonder continues past baby’s first few minutes when we give parents and baby some much-deserved alone time. We call it the Golden Hour. It’s a time for parents to meet baby, and cherish all the details of their new bundle of joy. Not always an hour, these first moments together last as long as parents need.

During both of my own birth experiences, I was so thankful for this time. It was just my husband, baby and me, connected by joy and overwhelming love. Each time, we counted all their toes and fingers, and we stared at their little face to our hearts’ content. It’s an indescribable happiness.

Those first memorable moments matter so much, and it’s not just me who loves them. My fellow nurses, Naomi, Jennifer and Mykle, have wonderful stories of their own. Motherhood is amazing, and everyone of us at St. Luke’s Birthing Center is so thankful to be part of the experience. It’s incredibly special to work at a place where every day is Mother’s Day.

To learn more about the Golden Hour, read this blog.

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