St. Luke's level 2 nursery

A Look at St. Luke’s Specialized Care Nursery

By Kevin Morgan, MD St. Luke’s Pediatric Associates

An Extra Level of Care

What do you want for your birth experience?

As a physician at St. Luke’s Pediatric Associates, I find that most expectant parents are looking for the freedom to have a birth that can accommodate their individual preferences and the security of knowing there are experts standing by, should they be needed.

With our Specialized Care Nursery, we always have that expert care on hand.

Specialized Care Nursery

A large part of St. Luke’s patient-centered approach includes being prepared for the unexpected. We intentionally built our Specialized Care Nursery on the same floor as our birthing suites so mom and baby don’t have to be separated while we are caring for both.

The Special Care Nursery is for newborns dealing with more complex medical issues, including prematurity and respiratory distress, and for those babies needing IV fluids or High Flow Oxygen Therapy. It is staffed by nurses with advanced training and is overseen by pediatricians. This nursery gives us the capability to care for babies with advanced needs. In very rare cases, where newborns have extremely advanced care needs, we will readily transport them to the necessary facility, such as a hospital in the Twin Cities, for more intensive treatment.

With a patient-centered philosophy, a team of expert caregivers and a Specialized Care Nursery, St. Luke’s Birthing Center is ready to help new moms have the personalized birth experience they want and the compassionate care they deserve.

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