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Baby Products at St. Luke’s

By Heather Winesett, MD, FAAP, ABIHM, IBCLC St. Luke’s Pediatric Associates

Why we went natural

If you’ve ever read the ingredient labels on skin care products, you may have found yourself wondering, “What is all this stuff?” The same can be said when it comes to baby diapers, wipes and shampoo.

Since baby’s skin is one-third the thickness of your own, it’s more permeable and sensitive. That’s why St. Luke’s switched the kinds of products we use on your little one during your stay at St. Luke’s Birthing Center. Opting for more natural products, we chose diapers, wipes and shampoo made with fewer ingredients to help protect your little one.

Diapers and Wipes

When choosing disposable diapers and wipes based on their ingredients, think less is more. This means less dyes and fragrances. Products labeled ‘hypoallergenic’ are usually free of these, as well as other common allergens like latex. Wipes that contain ethanol or alcohol may leave your baby’s skin irritated or overly dry.

While parabens (chemical preservatives) are considered to be safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some studies suggest they may affect hormone balance. To avoid them, choose paraben-free brands or look for labels void of common types like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.

After taking all of these things into consideration ourselves, we decided on Pampers® Pure Protection Diapers and Pampers® Aqua Pure Wipes. Both of these hypoallergenic products are made without dyes, fragrances, parabens or latex. As an eco-friendly bonus, Pampers Pure Protection Diapers are produced with 100% certified renewable electricity and create no production waste for landfills.

Shampoos and Washes

Since your baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to dryness, a bath every day isn’t required or even recommended. If your little one has had a particularly messy day and it’s not bath night, a soak with just plain warm water is often enough to keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy.

When it does come time for soap or shampoo, products free of phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) are the least likely to irritate. Petrolatum and SLS can disrupt the natural functions of the skin and while an over-exposure to phthalates can affect the endocrine system. These preservatives, chemicals and foaming agents can also increase the toxicity on your baby’s skin, which in turn increases the toxicity in their bloodstream.

At the Birthing Center, we chose to use Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash. This plant-based, tear-free formula is 98.9% natural and made without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS.

Less Really is More

With all the potentially harmful ingredients out there, choosing baby products can feel a bit daunting. It’s important to remember that you don’t need much more than water to keep your baby clean. Aiming to use fewer products in general can help protect your little one, the earth and your budget. If you have additional questions about what products to use, talk to your primary care provider about what would work best for your little one.

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