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Better for Your Baby: 3 Ways We’ve Improved Our Care for Newborns

By Carley Udland, MD St. Luke’s Birthing Center, St. Luke's Hospital

As a mom of three I know how important safety is, especially when it comes to newborns! That’s why I’m proud to work at St. Luke’s, where we are always improving the quality of care we offer to our tiniest patients. Here are some things we’ve been up to, and how they benefit you and your family.

1. Assembling a Full Team of Pediatric Hospitalists

We’ve recently increased the number of pediatric hospitalists at St. Luke’s and we now have  a full team in the hospital 24/7. A pediatric hospitalist (which is what I am) is a specially trained pediatrician who cares for newborns, kids and teens when they are in the hospital.

As specialists, we are committed to being on the leading edge of the best hospital-based testing, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatric conditions. One of us greets each baby born at St. Luke’s by doing a routine checkup and talking with their parents. One of us is also present during every c-section. This means your baby will get the best possible care when they are delivered at St. Luke’s.

2. Remodeling Our Specialized Care Nursery

We also provide care for babies who need extra attention in our Specialized Care Nursery, located in the Birthing Center. This nursery will equip us to care for newborns who have:

  • A premature birth (32 weeks and after)
  • Respiratory issues
  • Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)
  • A need for IV fluids or high flow oxygen therapy
  • Other complications


This nursery is currently being remodeled, scheduled to open summer 2022. This will update our technology and increase our ability to care for infants. One of the best features is the private mom and baby suites. So, if you come to St. Luke’s and your baby needs extra care, you won’t have to be separated from them. You’ll have a suite right in the nursery!

3. Offering 24/7 Specialized Care

From the moment your baby is born at St. Luke’s to the moment you bring them home, they will have immediate, safe and attentive care from one of us. In addition, if they ever need to come back to the hospital for an illness or an emergency, we’ll be ready to care for them. So, you can rest easy as a parent knowing that your children are safe at St. Luke’s.

If you have questions, talk to your doctor. If you haven’t selected a doctor yet, get to know our expert team of OB-GYNs, Certified Nurse Midwives and Family Practitioners.

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