How Midwives Customize the Childbirth Experience

By B. Scot Hart, CNM Obstetrics & Gynecology | St. Luke's OB-GYN

Having a baby is a family affair. Sometimes things go exactly according to a family’s birth plan. Other times adjustments and revisions need to be made along the way. Whichever situation I find myself in, my goal as a midwife is to make certain that family care remains a priority.

This philosophy is a focus I grew up with. Both my parents were in the medical field — my mother as a nurse and my father as a doctor — and I also felt a calling to care for people. My decision to focus on midwifery was a simple one: I believe there’s nothing more special than being part of bringing a new life into the world.

As a male midwife, I offer a unique perspective. I am attuned to the partner’s experience as well as the laboring mom. This perspective has helped me provide the partners, as well as the entire family, with knowledge and confidence – allowing them to care for and support the laboring patient in the way the patient needs and deserves.

This is the reason I began this profession, and why I joined St. Luke’s. Here, working with fellow midwife Amanda St. Aubin, our goal is to have the most family-centered care possible. That means our focus as midwives is not just on the care of the mom. We strive to care for the partner, and the other children as well.

I will do everything I possibly can to make your childbirth experience customized to you. Whether that means walking you through conception, health literacy, or getting you that soda you’re craving mid-delivery, I’ll be there.

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