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Watch: A C-section Delivery

By Lindsay Ekstrom, RN St. Luke’s Birthing Center

As a nurse at St. Luke’s Birthing Center, I’ve been able to be with lots of moms during deliveries. But now, I invite you to be with me during mine. All three of my children have been delivered via c-section at St. Luke’s, and I’m excited to share my latest experience with you.

In the video, you’ll be able to see what it was like in the birthing suite before surgery and then go with me into the operating room.

Keeping mom and baby together

One of my favorite things about this and my other c-section experiences is that I was able to hold my babies right after they were delivered. St. Luke’s makes it a priority to keep moms and babies together especially during the golden hour (the first 60 minutes after a baby is born). This means baby goes right to mom’s chest for skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible. It’s also an amazing thing to be able to hold your newborn in your arms after waiting nine long months!

Another thing I love is how St. Luke’s gives c-section moms a private recovery room after surgery. Most patients go to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) after their surgeries to wake up from anesthesia before going back to their hospital room. However, this large, open space isn’t the best environment for a new mom with a crying newborn. Offering a separate room for c-section moms promotes bonding and allows for breastfeeding in private.

Having a birth plan

Even though I had a c-section, I was still able to have a birth plan. Creating one helps you think through what you want and gets your delivery team on the same page as you.

For this delivery, I was able to let my team know that I wanted a delayed cord clamping and to see my placenta. I was also able to listen to my own music during the delivery, which was great because who can do a better job of putting you in a good mood than John Mayer and the Lumineers?

Enjoy the video!

For those of you who are wondering what to expect during an upcoming c-section, I hope this calms any worries you may have and shows you that a c-section can be just as satisfying and positive of an experience as a vaginal birth. I hope you enjoy the experience of watching a little one come into the world.

St. Luke’s Birthing Center is located in Duluth, MN, with St. Luke’s clinics in the surrounding region, including Superior, WI. To schedule a tour of St. Luke’s Birthing Center, call 218.249.5605.


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